Why Should I join?

  • Network with regional writers and share inside tips.
  • Participate in DLC writing contests.
  • Attend DLC events: poetry and prose readings, workshops, master classes and discussion groups. Recent noteworthy events have included: “Channeling Poe,” a special performance and reading event at the Deer Park Tavern; the 2012 DLC Writers Conference at Wesley College in Dover, “Cooling It With Kerouac: A Beat Generation Reading,” at the Deer Park Tavern.; our upcoming autumn reading honoring American poet, Langston Hughes.
  • Receive the online DLC newsletter. It’s full of reviews and interviews, the latest news about local readings, writers’ conferences, book fests and contests as well as DLC get-togethers and members’ accomplishments.
  • Support and help perpetuate a literary community in Delaware.

How to Join!

With $15/yr membership dues, the DLC is the best deal around. Join now by contacting Barbara Gray at graybeg@comcast.net or complete the membership application and return it to the DLC at the address provided.