The Delaware Literary Connection (DLC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving writers in the Delaware area and promoting the literary arts. We do this through our workshops, readings, newsletters, contests and conferences, and through strong affiliations with academic institutions and other regional literary organizations. Learn More

Writing Contests

The DLC is a regular sponsor of writing contests. We have sponsored eight contests in the last seven years, and have worked with the editors of The Broadkill Review and Out & About Magazine, who have published our contest winners’ works.

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Unique Events

The DLC offers unique events that allow our members to experience the best in regional literature. Our annual October reading is a prime example. Where else could you participate in readings like Channeling Poe and Cooling It With Kerouac? Our upcoming 2016 reading will honor American poet Langston Hughes.

2nd Saturday Poets

The DLC is closely affiliated with 2nd Saturday Poets, the oldest (31+ years), continuously running poetry reading in Delaware. Three of our board members are the hosts! View the schedule and monthly announcements.

As you can see, the DLC has a lot to offer. Come to one of our readings or workshops. You’ll have fun, learn a lot, and meet some interesting people who share a love of literature and an interest in the craft of writing – just like you!